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What are the DORs in Fairfield Harbour and how do I find them?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

What is a DOR?

A Declaration of Restrictions (DORs), as one of several governing documents initiated by the developer, is a legal document filed with the county and state in which the development is incorporated that outlines the covenants, conditions, and restrictions for individually owned, enumerated, residential lots in a planned community. When you buy a lot/property in a planned community, you, by holding title, become a member of the property owner’s association and must follow the governing documents commonly known as the DORs.

These governing documents are upheld with the aim of preserving and enhancing the community's property values. The DORs are often used and appearance-oriented, so they deal with regulations for the use, cleanliness of the property, the condition of the property, and any repairs, improvements, or changes made to the property. Failure to abide by the DORs may result in fines and fees charged against the property owner in accordance with the North Carolina Planned Community Act - Chapter 47F.

The Property Owners Association (POA) may also provide additional regulations and guidelines for its members where the amenities and common elements are concerned.

DORs generally contain information addressing:

  • Member Dues.

  • Property owner maintenance responsibilities.

  • Architectural controls.

  • Property use restrictions.

  • And many more.

Fairfield Harbour is a large-scale, residential, mixed-use, planned unit development that has multiple sections that may have different DORs. Different rules apply to different sections because the community was built over a period of 50 years, beginning in the 1970s. Knowing your DORs will help you to determine what the governing documents are in your section.

You can find your section’s DORs easily.

Step #1 – Find your section name on the map provided.

Step #2 – Log onto the FH-POA website (

You will see the Resident’s sign in the top right-hand corner. If you have not logged onto Front Steps before, follow the prompts to register. Once on Front Steps, you will find a wealth of information, including your DORs, internal documents, FH history, past Friday POA Updates, the POA BOD minutes, POA rules, policies, and much more.

On the left-hand side, there is a dashboard menu. To find the DORs, click on Documents, then at the drop-down button, click on Internal Documents. Here, you will see various folders. The DORs are in #2.

After you open the document, click on #2 – click on your section.


  • Sec 1 Martinique lots 001-042

  • Sec 2 Martinique lots 043-088

  • Sec 3 Martinique lots 089-138

  • Sec 4 Martinique lots 001-155

  • Sec 5 Jamaica lots 001-520

  • Sec 6 Montego lots 001-436

  • Sec 7 Tobago lots 001-547


  • Sec 9 Granada lots 016-032 and 056-107

  • Sec 17 Harbour Pointe I lots 001-022

  • Sec 18 Harbour Pointe III lots 312-516

  • Sec 20 Harbour Pointe II lots 001-311


  • Sec 19 Hamptons lots 001-084

  • Sec LE – Lake Elizabeth lots 001-024


  • Harbour View Villas

  • Harbour Master Villas

  • Lake Elizabeth Townhomes

  • Riverwatch

  • Trade Winds Townhouses

  • West Wind Townhouses

  • Waterwood


  • Harbourside II

  • Waterwood

  • Sandcastle Village I

  • Sandcastle Village II

  • Sandcastle Cove

  • Windjammer I

  • Windjammer II

  • Fairway Villas

You can explore Front Steps and familiarize yourself with the DORs and other POA related information.
Any questions about the DORs or how to log on, call the POA office at 252-633-5500.

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