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About Us

Fairfield Harbour's
community newsletter blog.  

The first issue of the Fairfield Harbour Beacon was published in 1978, and it has continued to be published monthly to date. The newspaper’s listed purpose:


The Beacon is the official newspaper of the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association and is published monthly by volunteer staff. The Beacon's purpose is to provide a communication medium for POA members, the POA Board and its committees, and Fairfield Harbour clubs and organizations. The Beacon serves the community by publishing material that informs, contributes to the safety, harmony, and general welfare of the community, and promotes property owner awareness and involvement in community affairs.

Meet The Beacon Team

The Beacon publishes the last week of the month. The Beacon submission deadline is the 18th of the month.

We want to hear from you about any Beacon stories and photos you want published!

Feel free to reach out to any of us. 

We are always looking for volunteers and talent! Come on out and have some fun with us.

Be in the know with The Beacon.

If you are interested in volunteering with us or have an article to share email it to


Gayle Albertini

POA Beacon Liaison


about Julie.png

Julie Finlayson

Editor, Website Designer

about Rick.png

Rick Finlayson

Website Designer


Celeste McAllister

Our Calendar Keeper

Pam Gaskill.jpg


Beacon Editorial Consultant

Elaine Berberich_edited.jpg

Elaine Berberich


Field Reporter

Walt Littleton.jpg

Pam Gaskill

Walt Littleton


Field Reporter


Benny Thompson


Field Reporter

debine lutz_edited.jpg

Debine Lutz


POA Special Events Liason

POA Board Members

Gayle Albertini

Interim President

(252) 349-4996

Term ends: June 2025

Rhonda Miller


(410) 446-4324

Board Appt

David Pfefferkorn


(252) 229-7245

Term ends: 2026

Tina McLamb

Interim Vice President

(919) 270-1920

Term ends: June 2026

Les Pendleton


(919) 632-9748

Term ends: June 2025

Richard Miller


(252) 288-6912

Term ends: June 2024

Bob Broody


(484) 678-6289

Term ends: June 2026

POA Office Staff

Office Hours: Monday 10:30am – 6:30pm, Tuesday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Jennifer Gudaitis

Community Manager

Phone: (252) 633-5500

FAX: (252) 635-2154

Cathleen Vuich

Community Coordinator

Phone: (252) 633-5500

FAX: (252) 635-2154

Pam Harless

Adminstrative Assisstant 

Phone: (252) 633-5500

FAX: (252) 635-2154

Cindy Barker

Account Manager

Phone: (252) 633-5500

FAX: (252) 635-2154

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