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The POA Library

Updated: Mar 8

From The Library

Hello from your POA Library. Welcome to March. When you support the POA library; either by visiting the library or donating books, you support our entire Fairfield Harbour community. Our library collection helps us act as the center of an engaged community of readers and adult learners. We listen to our readers and appreciate your feedback. The library is behind the beauty shop in the second POA building and is open Monday-Friday, from 8 am - 8 pm. Refer to the donation list on the bulletin board to the left of the library door. We have a return cart inside the door for you to return borrowed books and a large bin labeled “New Books” next to the table in the library. Feel free to drop off newly donated books in this bin. We would like to thank our Patrons and acknowledge your generosity so please leave your contact information with your donations.


For Your Consideration

We believe it is beneficial for our donors to better understand what donations (gifts in kind) meet our suitable criteria. Gifts in kind the library collects include fiction, non-fiction, biography, large print, and children’s books. We also collect and carry DVD’s, talking books, and puzzles. This selection could not exist without you, so thank you all so much for your gifts in kind.  

Due to space, we do not accept the following donations: coffee table books, self-help books, DIY books, cookbooks, books on sailing or boating, and travel books. Please donate these items to other organizations. Also, if you are cleaning out items or moving, look through your books. We do not take damaged books, books with torn pages, water-damaged books, books with stains, or evidence of mold. I know… this seems obvious, and yes, we have actually received items like this. The librarians have to curate and dispose of your old, damaged books (I hate throwing out books -I bet you do too). So be considerate of your volunteer librarians and dispose of your books that meet the unsuitable criteria above. 

Thank You for Your Donations/Gifts in Kind.

Thank you to Joan Meutsch for your donated books! Your generosity helps the POA library make a positive impact on our entire community. I am certain these books will find their way to many readers in Fairfield Harbour.  


Cathy Snyder

Meet Your Librarian Volunteers

This month our Librarian of the month is Cathy Snyder.  She recommends authors and genres based on character-driven stories.  Authors she suggests include Elizabeth Wilkerson, Anne Tyler, & Debbie Thompson as well as Nicholas Sparks.  Mysteries are so much fun to read.  This genre is a great way to follow the protagonists and see how they develop throughout the story. Mysteries are one of Cathy’s favorite genres. 

Cathy has been a resident of Fairfield Harbour for 10 years and has 10 years of volunteering for the POA library!  Cathy is a great “go-to” person for both patrons and our library volunteers.  She is a retired teacher and reading specialist.  No wonder she is so knowledgeable.  Cathy is a lover of books and helping our Patrons.  We are so lucky to have her as one of our “go-to” librarians.  

If you see Cathy at the POA library, or out and about, say hello. Ask what she’s been reading lately.   Thank you, Cathy, for all you do! 


If you are interested in becoming a part of the POA Library Committee, contact Mary Hittner at or myself at  If you would like to recommend a book, series or author contact me: Mary Beth Croft at 

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