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The Pointe Restaurant Wine Tasting Events and more! Good Times, Good Drinks, Good Food. PERIOD

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The Pointe Restaurant is quickly becoming the center of social activity for the Harbour and offering delicious food. Wine tastings in May, April and June were sold-out. Wine tastings were started through the partnership of Patti Manna-Zlobl, wine distributor, and Gary Blanchard, Food and Beverage manager at The Pointe.

Cheers from Gary Blanchard, Patty Manna-Zlobl, and Taylor Pequignot at the recent wine tasting.

Fairfield Harbour residents came out for the June wine tasting, and the tables ranged from a group of girlfriends getting together to old friends catching up and new friends being made. All enjoyed a wide selection of wines, a delicious charcuterie board, and a pasta salad. The tastings included a California Sauvignon Blanc, a California Chardonnay, a French Rose, and a Cabernet Sauvignon from California. In addition to tasting the wines, Patti provided backgrounds on each wine and gave purchase information.

Patti Manna-Zlobl has lived in the Harbour for 18 years after moving here from New Jersey. Sailing drew her here, and she has an extensive background in yachting. After teaching and managing a fine wine and retail shop, she became involved with wine sales and consulting. She enjoys being on the move, meeting new people and has been in her current position with Johnson Brothers Mutual for seven years. Patti says her heart lies in animal rescue. She is a board member of the Colonial Capital Humane Society and is the Momma to three dogs and three cats.

Since joining the Pointe in March, Gary has been actively looking for ways to make the restaurant more than just a place to eat. Events such as dinner theatre, trivia night, live music night, and wine tastings keep Gary and his staff busy. Gary says, “I am always looking for ways to incite excitement in the community," and plans a meet and greet, outdoor events for families, a poolside entertainment comedy club, and a hot dog eating contest. Italian Night has been a great success, and he is considering presenting more international foods.

Gary and his wife moved here from Texas, and he has been the manager of well-known establishments such as Applebee’s and Cracker Barrel. Gary and Deb moved here to retire, but Fairfield Harbour is glad he has found a new home at The Pointe Restaurant.

The Pointe is well on the way to becoming a focal point for food and fun for local neighbors and friends. Gary would welcome any suggestions because The Pointe Restaurant belongs to us all. Upcoming events will be published in the Beacon as well as in the Weekly Update.

Call The Pointe Restaurant at 252-385-5225 for reservations Wednesday through Sunday and join the community in the motto of “Good Times, Good Drinks, Good Food PERIOD.

Remember wine tastings by following the Beacon, The Pointe website (, and Friday updates.
Reservations will be taken online at The Harbour Pointe Golf Club site under events, wine tasting, or by calling.

Photos left to right: Girlfriends enjoying themselves at the wine tasting. Cheers from Gary Blanchard and Patty Manna-Zlobl at the recent wine tasting. Jim and Robin Biondi enjoyed a good time at the wine tasting.

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