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Pet of the Month: Rosie

Updated: Mar 8

Meet Rosie, a three-year-old female German Shepherd. She's the furry family member of Suzan Scott and Frank Fiamella. She's a great watchdog with a scary bark, but when you're welcomed into the house she's very excited to get some affection (but mostly wants you to play fetch with her using her Kong!).

I asked Suzan a few questions about Rosie, snapped a few pics, and captured a short video. Enjoy getting to know this furry Fairfield resident!

How did you come to get Rosie?

On a whim…Frank saw a sign saying German Shepherd puppies for sale.

What led you to choose the name Rosie?

As a puppy, Rosie slept a lot so we called her Sleeping Beauty. In the Brothers Grimm version of the fairytale the sleeping princess was Briar Rose or Rosamund….so she became Rosie.

Any stories about Rosie you'd like to share? How about any funny quirks she has?

Rosie fell off of a dock when she was a puppy. We found her to be a great swimmer when she instinctively swam to shore. Rosie follows Frank EVERYWHERE! It is heartbreaking to hear her howl when left behind.

What are some of her favorite things?

Rosie's favorite things are her people. She loves riding in the golf cart, sailing, swimming, barking at other dogs, and playing fetch with Kong.

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