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Creator of the Month: Pat Mora-Coxe

Meet Pat Mora-Coxe, who has been making beautiful and unique jewelry creations since 2009. I recently visited with Pat and was able to learn more about her creative hobby.

What first drew you to making jewelry?

I've always loved jewelry, so when I saw that my friend Alice was making her own pieces, I decided that I could learn to do it also. I signed up for a bracelet class and an earring class with Audrey Brinson, who used to own Bejeweled, a bead shop on Trent Road. After learning the basics, I am mostly self-taught and have branched out with many materials and styles.

What has been your biggest challenge in developing your talent?

I think the biggest challenge is finding enough time to develop my talent to its full potential. I am involved in many other activities, so I'm spread a little thin.

Two of Pat's multi-colored anodized aluminum pieces

What is your favorite type of jewelry to create?

It's hard to choose one favorite, but I really enjoy working with multi-colored anodized aluminum. I learned how to use it on a vacation to Murrell's Inlet. We had a rainy day and I took a class at a bead shop. I loved the material and my work went in a whole new direction making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

What is your favorite piece that you’ve ever created?

Early on, I made a necklace and matching earrings with amethysts, silver, and different shades of purple, white, and silver beads. I thought it was gorgeous, but it didn't sell for two craft shows. At the third, I decided to keep it for myself if it didn't sell. But a lady bought it and I felt like I had sold my child!

What influences have affected you in your jewelry creations?

I'm influenced by things that I see and like. Sometimes I see photos in magazines or somebody's jewelry and think that I could make something similar.

"My friend had the earrings and necklace and asked me to make a bracelet to match. I think it came out pretty well."

What do you do when you get a creative block?

This doesn't happen often, but when it does, I just stop working and do something else until I'm inspired to go back to the jewelry. There is always something to do!

What are other creative pursuits you enjoy?

I like to knit and crochet, and I used to embroider. I love to sing and play music (lately ukulele, although I have also played piano and flute). I sing in Fairfield Harbour Chorus and have acted with Harbour Lights Players. I also belong to two book clubs and play bridge as much as I can. My husband Bill and I also like to travel.

Is there something that you have yet to try that you’d like to try?

No. I thought about quilting, but I don't have enough free time to add another activity to what I already do.

Where can people learn more about/buy your jewelry?

I always participate in the annual Fairfield Harbour Craft Fair, and sometimes other local craft shows. People can contact me by email or phone and make an appointment to stop by if they're looking for something special. I have also sold through local shops but do not currently have an arrangement with any. This is more of a hobby than a full-time job, so I keep it small and manageable.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I love meeting people, so don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like something special. I keep my prices affordable since this is not how I support myself!

Thank you, Pat, for opening up your home and your hobby for us!

If you'd like to talk to Pat about a jewelry project, email us at and we'll get you connected!

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