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HLP Monthly Member Mention!

Updated: Jan 2


A spotlight opportunity to celebrate our members.

The Monthly Member Mentions program is an opportunity to have members shine and the membership get to know them better! It is also an opportunity to get to know members better. 

Your photo and info will then be presented at the monthly General Meeting of the membership. It will also appear in Fairfield Harbour’s Beacon. 

We are stars here at HLP! 

Here is one small opportunity to let your light shine!

We spotlight a member mention each month. This will be determined by who would like to be spotlighted. Our goal is to spotlight as many members as possible and are comfortable being featured. Come on, get in on the fun!

If you are interested in being spotlighted as the Monthly Member Mention, please let us know as we would love to set you up with an interview. Please give Gwendolyn a ring or text to 508-560-6891, email works as well at 

January 2024

Monthly Member Mention

Dorothy Jones

Dorothy Jones was born and raised in Greenville, NC. However, as an adult, she lived in New York for 33 years as well as California and Maryland. She would return to her North Carolina roots in retirement. 

Dorothy was married to Larry Jones who passed in 2015. They were proud parents of 4 daughters and have 6 grandchildren! The oldest of her daughters just completed her PhD! After Larry passed, Fairfield Harbour residents reached out to Dorothy in support and friendship. People in the community knew Larry and it was said of him that he never met a stranger! He was a happy go lucky guy and he was liked by many. He loved to be near the water, to fish and dance! 

They had been coming to North Carolina for visits for a very long time. Dorothy still has family in Greenville and when they discovered Fairfield Harbour during one of their visits here, they decided to retire in New Bern in our community. Dorothy retired from a long career with IBM and Lockheed & Martin as an Administrative Assistant. She was with IBM in California and Lockheed & Martin in Maryland. 

After Dorothy’s husband passed, she felt that she needed more to do and reached out to Harbour Lights Players. She states that “Harbour Lights Players have been like my family! The people here are awesome. I have not had a bad experience with a single one. People reached out to me when my husband passed.” Dorothy joined HLP and the rest is history! 

She appeared in a small skit as a character and dancer in one of HLP presentations. However, Dorothy is anything but a shy character on stage when she shows up! She has helped with verve as a hospitality volunteer for Harbour Lights Players and her presence has made a difference. 

We are lucky to have her and she feels lucky to have us! 

Did I mention that she is the BEST DRESSED in Fairfield Harbour? She has a grand flare for fashion and the commitment to being unique in her style. She told me that in her career she always had to “dress for success”. It stuck, she said and still today in her retirement, she takes great care in her appearance and self-expression through her sense of style. 

If you would take the time to reach out to Dorothy I am sure she would love to chat with you and share memories at HLP!

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