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  • Barb Robinson

Yacht Club Clothing Drive

This year's FHYC/RCS Clothing Drive was held Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6, at the Cart Barn.  Notices were sent out via Facebook, FH Mail, and FHYC Mail.  Weather-wise, this has been a strange year.  Encouraging people to go through their closets usually means looking at “seasonal” clothing, although we emphasize that the clothing drive accepts all seasons and all sizes.  This year, several weeks before the drive, temperatures approached 80 degrees, and then, they plunged into freeze warnings!  It was hard to judge what you would need in the coming months.

We have had many successful clothing drives, and this year didn't disappoint!  Fairfield Harbour once again did some major closet cleaning!!  On Friday, we loaded the RCS panel truck ¾ full.  On Saturday, we did the same!  One couple brought a pickup truck filled with clothing.  One man almost drove by but saw the clothing drive signs and decided to stop in.  He didn't even know we were having a clothing drive and was on his way to Goodwill.  He had a truck full of clothing because he was moving to the Philippines!  As many people as we thanked for their generosity, they thanked the club for doing this clothing drive and how important it is for the community.

I especially want to thank our volunteers who helped to unload clothing:  Evelyn Thompson, Dave and Toni Smith, Carrie Miller, Jeff and Betsy Paul, Sharon and Lou Nash, Delle and Sam Curry, and Ritchie Thomson.  As usual, great conversations.  Y'all should come out for our Fall Clothing Drive.  The next clothing drive will be this fall, and dates and times are to be determined.

Once again for the help and the generous donations.

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