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Happy New Year from the Karaoke Party

Updated: Jan 3

The Karaoke Party was in full swing when the clock struck midnight in 2023. Karaoke contests were held throughout the night, and the winners were judged on a combination of vocal ability, audience response, and stage presence. Audience participation selected the winners. All the singers gave their best performance and although the competition was stiff the winners of the night were:

left to right: Best Female - Kayla Rivera singing “Next Time He Cheats” Best Male - Michael Rivera ((Kayla’s Dad) singing “Brandy “ Best New Comer - Mary Beth Croft singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” 

Party Hosts, Linda Boryk and Jim Curry

Fairfield Harbour friends and neighbors brought the New Year in at the Community Center and a great time was had by all. We enjoyed a guest appearance and a festive song by Mrs Doubtfire.

Linda Boryk, the Karaoke Party Hostess, said, "The Karaoke Club NYE party started in 2016 at Tom Meutsch's suggestion and orchestration. After the first year, he added the Singing Contest, which has become a popular staple. Tom and his wife, Joan (Dahlin’), have entertained and helped with this party every year since, except in 2020.  They are awesome!"

Here are some of the highlights of the evening!

Karaoke Club is the last Saturday of each month (except usually September, as there is traditionally an HLP performance that month).  Anyone is welcome. You don’t have to sing or dance, just like to have fun.

At this time, there is no charge, but tips are graciously and gratefully accepted.

Bring your own beverages and snacks. 

Tom’s Tunes is also available for private parties or other gatherings. Contact Tom Meutsch at:

(252) 637-6567

For more details.

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