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  • Barb Robinson

FHYC Wins Again

Saturday, February 17, 2024, NYRA celebrated their Commodore's Dinner and Awards Ceremony at the Double Tree in New Bern.

There were several awards presented that night including the winner of the NYRA Winter Series Navigator Class.  John Jackson, Captain of Georgie Girl, accepted the first place honor in the NAVIGATOR CLASS.  What he or his shipmates did not know was that Georgie Girl also won BOAT OF THE YEAR NAVIGATOR CLASS! Congratulations to Captain John Jackson, Helmsman Russ Robinson, Crew  Ritchie Thomson, Dan Baker, and Cheryl Michaels.  This is the second time in a row that a boat representing FHYC finished first both as Navigator Class for the Winter Series and also Boat of the Year in the Navigator Class.  

Captain John Jackson holding the Sailboat trophy for First in the Navigator Class of the Winter Series and the cutting board for the Boat of the Year in the Navigator Class.

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