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Dues, Paperless Billing, and Payment Portal

For the first time, the POA will be going paperless for our annual dues billing in 2024. The

Fiscal Year runs March 1, 2024 – Feb 28th, 2025. Invoices for 2024 dues will be sent out via

email March 1st with a due date of May 1st.

If you have not started, now is a good time to start pre-paying towards your annual dues! If

you can start now, you’d have time to make five payments before the May 1st due date and

you could easily space out the payments.

To pay online, please see below for instructions to register on the Appfolio Payment Portal.

Create a password and gain access to the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to pay dues.

Pay your dues online, anywhere, on time!

There is also a drop box in front of the office, so you can drop your payment off at any time.

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