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Builder's Corner

Beginning in November, the Fairfield Action Council for Truth and Support (FACTS) will inaugurate its new Builders’ Corner, a series of monthly articles for the Did You Know section of Our reporters will interview builders, residents, real estate agents, power and water utility personnel, community management, pertinent POA committee members and other stakeholders to assess the impact of the current building boom upon our community.

Interviews will be conducted with those personally involved in each area of responsibility. We’ll ask builders about their building policies and why each chose to make a significant investment in our 50-year-old community. We’ll discuss with service providers, property management, and committee members the cost of this building boom to our environment, its impact on our roads, vegetation, and soil, and its effect upon community services. Finally, we’ll address long-term plans to restore our community’s natural beauty.

Don’t miss the upcoming November FACTS interview with Margaret Rose, longtime resident of Fairfield Harbour and President of Neuse Realty. We’ll get her expert opinion on the factors that caused this sudden building boom and how long she believes it will last.

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