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Brian Mac and Cypress Lake

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Plato.

I had the pleasure of sitting with our neighbors, Brian McDowell and his wife, Beth Eddins McDowell. Brian is a master of the six and 12-string guitar. He provides musical entertainment to multiple venues, including The Pointe and area favorites such as Lawsons Landing, Double Tree Patio, Brown Pelican, and even Harris Teeter. His genre is considered Folk/Rock/Blues.

WALT - Where are you from?

BRIAN- Pittsburgh, PA

WALT - What made you get into music?

BRIAN - After my confirmation, my parents gave me a cheap $20 guitar as my gift, and I enjoyed learning how to play it. What got my attention was a boy who rode the bus with me. And I watched him play his guitar as he stared out the bus window, and I was hooked. From there, I knew I wanted to learn and pursue music. Once my parents realized I was serious, they purchased a real guitar for me.

WALT - Who would be your favorite artist to collaborate with?

BRIAN - Of course, that would be Jimmy Buffett and Gary Moore, Electric Blues Guitarist.

WALT - Where do you get your inspiration?

BRIAN - I tend to play chords, and as I progress, I can create, and words follow.

WALT - Where are you currently in your music career?

BRIAN - I have progressed to the point that I've added Dan Quinn, a long-admired electric guitarist from the Chicago area who is also a neighbor in the Harbour. Additionally, we are collaborating with other musicians in the New Bern area.

WALT- With this new collaboration, you have chosen the name Cypress Lake, and could you elaborate on this new group?

BRIAN - Yes, we are working behind the scenes to create our group Cypress Lake, made up of familiar names such as Dana Outlaw, Mark Weaver, and Dan Quinn.

WALT - What can we expect from this new group?

BRIAN - Of course, we will always play the most popular music; however, we are writing and preparing to publish our own music.

WALT - You are available for shows in local venues and private functions. How can someone contact your band?

BRIAN - We are available for public and private events and can be contacted using the following: Brian Mac - 412-596-3424 or
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