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  • Lois Andrews

A Culinary Adventure

Travel and food go hand-in-hand - they both awaken our senses. We may not all be jetting off on an Italian vacation, but we can discover the old-world through food without ever leaving the kitchen. Let’s grab our pots and pans, and take a culinary journey through the lush countryside of Italy.

Cacio e Pepe

Let’s begin our journey in Rome, Italy, the “Eternal City”, which brims with ancient history, archaeology, and even a museum dedicated entirely to pasta.  Cacio e pepe is considered to be the darling of Rome and it appears on almost every Roman menu.  It is a simple dish that uses only three ingredients, yet when made correctly is absolutely delicious.

Served fireside, paired with an arugula salad and an Italian Pinot Noir.

Pizza Margherita

Next, we will journey to Naples, Italy for its countless churches and rich heritage.  Here you will also discover the most photographed dish in the world, the renowned Margherita pizza. It was created to represent the colors of the Italian flag and is named after Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889. With its thin, crisp crust, fresh ingredients and simple, classic toppings of tomato, basil, and mozzarella, it is easy to see why it became a royal favorite.

Experience the romance of Naples by enjoying your pizza al fresco paired with a Chianti Classico.

  Lobster Risotto, à la Milanese

We will now travel to Milan, Italy’s underrated gem. Milan is the global capital of fashion, design and is home to Leonardo Da Vinci‘s masterpiece, Il Cenacolo Vinciano, (The Last Supper). With its proximity to the Po Basin rice fields, it’s no wonder that Milan’s most iconic dish is risotto à la Milanese. While not difficult, don’t be fooled by recipes allowing for shortcuts.  A true Italian risotto cannot be rushed.  It is a labor of love that requires patience and proper technique.

Risotto, served here with a white Bordeaux - candlelight and Pavarotti providing a relaxing and romantic backdrop.

Limoncello & Gelato

As our Italian food tour nears its end, let’s enjoy a digestif.  This is a common practice for Italian diners following a large meal to add with digestion.  Few are enjoyed more than Limoncello, which was born along the cliffsides Amalfi Coast and is made with the lemons grown in the Campania region. 

Have a sweet tooth?  End the trip in Florence, Italy, home to the birthplace of the Italian renaissance, outstanding art, and gelato. This refreshing treat is usually enjoyed while taking an after-dinner stroll or served alongside an espresso.

There is no better way to end this culinary journey.

Arrivederci Italy!

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Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds
07 janv.

Now I know where I need to try for a dinner invite! ;) Great article Lois!

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