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The POA Library

From The Library

Hello from your POA Library.  Welcome to January.  The library is behind the beauty shop in the second POA building and is open Monday-Friday, from 8am-8pm.  Refer to the donation list on the bulletin board to the left of the library door.  We have a return cart near the door for you to return borrowed books.  There is a large bin labeled “New Books” located next to the table in the library. Also, please leave your name with your donations.  We would like to thank our Patrons and acknowledge your generosity

For Your Consideration

The library has a wonderful selection of fiction, non-fiction, biography, large print, and children’s books to offer to our Fairfield Residents.  We also carry DVD’s talking books, and puzzles.  This selection could not exist without you so thank you so much. 

Due to space, we do not accept the following: coffee table books, self-help books, diy books, cookbooks, books on sailing or boating, travel books. Please donate these items to other organizations.  Also, if you are cleaning out items or moving, look through your books.  We do not take damaged books, books with torn pages, water damaged books, or books with stains, or evidence of mold. I know… this seems obvious, and yes, we have actually received items like this.  The librarians have to curate and dispose of your old, damaged books (I hate throwing out books -I bet you do too).  So please be considerate of your volunteer librarians and dispose of your books that meet the unsuitable criteria above.

Thank You For Your Donations

Thank you to whomever left this selection of books.  They are a wonderful addition to our library!

Beverages, Biscuits & Books

Looking for a good book, or author recommendation? Grab your beverage of choice and a snack and read a review of a current author. This review comes to us from our very own library coordinator Mary Hittner.  She recommends Master Slave Husband Wife by Ilyon Woo. This is a non-fiction book about a young, enslaved couple who overcame demoralizing and frightening adversities. Set in the late 1800‘s- check out this gem of a book in our non-fiction section by Ilyon Woo. You will be captivated from the first chapter through the last

Meet Your Librarians

I am happy to introduce our POA Library Coordinator Mary Hittner. Mary and her husband Mark live on Bocca Reef road in Fairfield Harbour. They came here because of sailing and are avid sailboat racers! Mary also has many eclectic interests including music and is an accomplished pianist. She sings in the FH choir and Mary has been a volunteer for our library for 10+ years. Our library started in the POA building with a wall of shelves. Mary saw the books and knew the librarian was in a wheelchair. She took it upon herself to start alphabetizing the books starting on the top shelf! The rest is history.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of the POA Library Committee, contact Mary Hittner at or myself at  If you would like to recommend a book, series or author contact me: Mary Beth Croft at

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