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POA Board News

Here is what has happened in less than five months with a new board under a new president.

  • Went to a once-a-month meeting schedule and streamlined the process to operate like a business.

  • Revenues are up for the restaurant and golf course with more people dining and or playing Golf.

  • Established a revenue source for capital expenditures through land sales. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement that will change Fairfield Harbour and celebrate our 50 years in existence.

  • Resurfaced the Pickleball courts.

  • New pavement at Trusit parking lot with a new section for Food vendors.

  • Remodeled The Pointe Restaurant. The restaurant has undergone major remodeling for sound abatement, added a wait station providing increased efficiency, installed new carpeting, an oversized drone shot of our peninsular and a wall for local artists to showcase their art – which will be for sale.

  • Rebranded The Pointe Restaurant to be more inclusive for the community and to the public. Recruited a new chef at zero costs.

  • Started a new stone monument for a grand entrance to our community.

  • Create a new golf advisory panel to bridge the gap for golfers.

  • Four electronic billboards to expand communication of events and information to the neighborhood.

  • Added three new monument signs located at the community center and both main entrances.

  • Additional streetlights at the end of Broad Creek to aid in navigation past Marina Drive.

  • New cart paths at Hole numbers 7, 13, 14, and 15.

  • Hired an architecture consultant to assist Harbor Club development.

  • A new more informative and user-friendly Beacon.

  • New windows and doors at both guard shacks.

  • Repaved Santa Lucia.

  • Repaved Spinnaker.

  • New entrance to the dog park and parking area.

  • Red Sail Park is no longer a dirt entrance but a paved parking area.

  • A new entrance to pickleball courts and the parking area.

If you want to be part of the solution, then join a committee and make change a reality.
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