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Safety and Security Company change

To make our community more secure and bring in innovative technology, the Safety and Security Committee is happy to announce that the POA Board has contracted a new security company called Sunstates Security (through the bidding process). Sunstates Security began in 1998 and is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Their mission is “to provide superior security services while always putting the client first; maintaining clear, continuous communication; and remaining true to our guiding principles: honesty, integrity, and trust.”

Sunstates will begin transitioning from the current company, AUS, and will be in place by May 8, 2024, starting at 8:00 am. Some things will change as we begin to move to new technology as a result of having a private network. Fiber will allow us to monitor key points by using equipment that is POE (powered over ethernet).

All vehicles without a barcode must stop at the gatehouse and have their entry status verified. The keypad will be disabled so all non-barcode vehicles can be logged into the system (CapSure).

Those residents who don’t want to go through this process can use the scanner lane for FREE. Please register your vehicle at the POA office. We will continue to use this method before implementing a new and different reader for the entire community.

The goal, over the next several quarters, is to use advanced security technology and software to provide Fairfield Harbour with the level of security we deserve.

Below are standard operating procedures that have been in place and will now be compulsory. Here are a few tips for residents and their guests:

• Property owners are requested to provide in advance the names of expected visitors. Residents are requested to enter their visitors in the CapSure system, but if they call the gate instead, the gate attendant will put the visitors in the CapSure system.

• Passes should be clearly displayed on the vehicle dashboard.

• If the vehicle does not have a barcode or current temporary pass, it is considered to be on the property outside policy.

In the event an Attendant is experiencing any problems with a visitor, the Attendant shall contact the Account Manager or, in his absence, contact the following:

• County Sheriff’s Department

• POA Community Manager

• Complete an Incident Report to be delivered to the POA/Account Manager.

For some of us, this will be seamless since this is the protocol we have been following for our guests. To others, this will be a new process, common among gated communities. We ask that you be respectful and patient while Sunstates Security implements these and other SOPs for the safety of Fairfield Harbour.

to learn more about Sunstates, visit:

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