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Mornin' Neighbors

Yes, it’s me -- the guy who posts pictures each morning on a couple of Fairfield Harbour Facebook pages. Lord knows I could never post on all the pages we have. Yes, in the past I have fallen into the trap of posting jabs at others, mostly about politics. I enjoyed the memes and couldn’t wait to pass on the negativity and pump out the next one running rampant on social media. After a while I got bored and tired of all the negativity in the world. You see it on the television, the radio, and just in everyday conversation. Everything was negative.

After some soul searching I decided to get off that train and re-evaluate my life and my view of the world today. What I found out in my journey is this attitude is driven by social media and the pundits reporting on television and radio. It’s easy to fall into the trap and join in the process because it is the design of these platforms. It’s easy to prompt people by providing negativity which will get everyone involved and the battle starts. Each stroke of the keys allows you to be whatever and say whatever because, hey, they don’t know me. What I found out was these people are not the person who was displayed online. For the most part they are genuinely nice, friendly, and definitely not what you read online. Another observation I made was when you meet these people you find out they are just like you and have the same values and views of the world as you.

I decided to create a Facebook Page with the help of others. The goal was to provide a safe place to post positive vibes, good news, and community information. The page is Fairfield Harbour (We Love it Here). Is it perfect? Of course not. However, we try to police content to ensure that everyone can enjoy posting without fear of reprisal for even mentioning a topic.

The creation of “Mornin' Neighbors” was intended to provide one good thing first thing in the morning. As you pour your first cup of coffee, read the paper, or make breakfast there it is! Your first burst at the beginning of the day of something beautiful and peaceful. You see I wake up everyday, search for a picture and post. What do I do next? I take a look at my bible and that today I will tell myself I’ll try to do better today than I did yesterday. I sure am much happier!!!

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