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Men's Gridiron Classic Sept. 6th

On Wednesday, September 6th, the MGA hosted it's 11th Tournament of the season. This event was called The Gridiron Classic and had a football theme to it, was very challenging and fun. The was organized by Tournament Chairman Tom Caruso. Thank you to Tom and all who participated in this event. Here are the results of the top 3 teams.

1st place - 30 points

Dan Engelhaupt

Joe Pillow

Bruce Hice

2nd place - 28 points

Dave Fahrmeier

Wayne Bedenbaugh

Mark Carmichael

Dave Seyerle

3rd place - 25 points

Bob Reivik

Sean Mulhall

Keith Swan

Tim Welch

Chris Dunn and his team have the Golf Course in super condition. September, October and November are 3 great months for Golf at Harbour Pointe Golf Club. Get out and play some golf!

Left to Right..Veteran Golfers and 3 players who have been at the top of the leaderboard in MGA events for 20 plus years. Dan Engelhaupt, Joe Pillow and Bruce Hice. Great Victory Gents!

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