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HPLGA Tournament..Ace of the month....August 10, 2023

Congratulations to Cindy Pellegrini our August Ace!!!!!

winners in first flight: 1st place...Sharon Henke

2nd place..Joan Melius

winners in second flight..1st place...Cindy Pellegrini

2nd place.Ruthann Hendel

winners in third flight.......tie for first place: Kathy Fuller and Rita Gilham

Every golfer has one or two challenging holes on a golf course that add those extra strokes to what otherwise would have been a good score. This week's HPLGA game, Headache Reliever, has each participant circle her two most frustrating holes. At the end of the round, she will add the scores she had on those two holes, add them to her handicap and subtract this new, higher handicap from her finishing score. Of course, ironically, today, she probably did unusually well on them, and so, reduced the number she could subtract, but that's golf!

HPLGA tournament "Headache reliever"..August 17th, 2023

winners in first flight..first place..Sharon Henke

tie for second place:Kris Englehaupt and Linda Lelli

winners in second flight: tie for 1st place: Joan Melius and Barbara Walsh

winners in third flight: 1st place..Geneva Lane

2nd place..Stephanie Eldreth

HPLGA august 24th, 2023...tournament..Short and Sweet...

winners in first flight: 1st place.........Karen MacCaulay

tie for 2nd.......Sue Layton and Donna Hulbert

Winners in second flight..1st place. Cheryl Furman

2nd place.Penny Sullivan

Winners in third flight.. 1st place...Karen Stewart

2nd place..Ruthann Hendel

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