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Harbour Pointe Ladies Golf Association Results

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Long and Lovely Tournament

September 28, 2023

First Flight

1st Place: : Kris Engelhaupt

2nd Place: Jackie Hice

Second Flight

1st Place: Nancy Robinson

2nd Place: Cindy Pellegrini

Third Flight

1st Place: Kathy Fuller

2nd Place: Stephanie Eldreth

Criss Cross Tournament

October 5, 2023

Players recorded both the gross score and the net score for each of their eighteen holes. At the end of the round, each player circled the lower net score for each opposing hole: #1 or #10, #2 or #11, #3 or #12, etc. The players with the lowest total net score for the chosen nine holes were the winners in each flight.

First Flight

1st Place: Karen Macaulay

2nd Place: Sharon Henke

Second Flight:

1st Place: Cindy Pellegrini

2nd Place:(tie) Cheryl Furman ,Pam Nolan

Third Flight:

1st Place: Robin MacRae

2nd Place: Stephanie Eldreth

Unfortunately the October Ace of the Month Tournament scheduled for Thursday, October 12th was rained out but has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 19th.

Our next special event for the 2023 season will be the Annual Fall Fling. The Committee has been working hard to provide a day and evening of golf, fun, and even costume awards.

Just the Middle Tournament

October 26, 2023

Only the strokes on holes #5 and #14 counted for this game.

First flight:

Sue Layton net 37

Kris Engelhaupt net 39

Second flight:

Cheryl Furman net 36

Penny Sullivan net 42

Third flight:

TIE Robin MacRae and Karen Stewart net 44

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