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Harbour Pointe Golf Club on June 7

The MGA Championship was held at Harbour Pointe Golf Club on June 7. A total of 29 players participated in this individual Net/Gross Tournament. As usual, the Pointe team led by Gary Blanchard hosted a great lunch for the guys. Here are the top finishers in the event.

Red Tees Net

1st place: Bruce Hice 73 Net. Scorecard playoff.

2nd place: Ed Edmundson 73 Net.

3rd place: Gus Villanova and Ken Plantin 75 Net.

Red Tees Gross

1st place: C.A. Smith. 84 Gross. Scorecard playoff.

2nd place: Stan Koonce. 84 Gross.

3rd place: Joe Pillow. 87 Gross.

Gold Tees Net

1st pace: Mark Nolan 72 Net.

2nd place: Bob Reivik 74 Net.

3rd Place: Paul Cormier 77 Net.

Gold Tees Gross

1st place: Paul Cormier 81 Gross.

2nd place: Mark Carmichael 86 Gross. Scorecard playoff.

3rd place: Dave Fahrmeier 86 Gross.

Photo of Flight Champions C.A. Smith, Bruce Hice, Mark Nolan, Paul Cormier

Thank you to MGA Board Member and Tournament Chairman Tom Caruso for another great MGA tournament. For Men's Golf Association Membership details, don't hesitate to contact Dave Lange at 616-706-9007.

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