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Grab Your Ghostwalk Tickets Early

Now in its 33rd year, Ghostwalk is a family-friendly fall event that combines spirits from New Bern's past, talented local volunteer actors, historic sites, and a fun-filled, creative environment.

Each year features a new theme and new scripts. Guides will lead you through the stops at Cedar Grove Cemetery, at which you will hear lively stories based on real historical characters and events. The remainder of the event is self-guided, with historical spirits sharing their spirited tales on outdoor porches and in select buildings in downtown New Bern. The Civic Theatre will provide a special Ghostwalk show, and local churches will offer tours and budget-friendly meals for Ghostwalk visitors.

Ghostwalk is not a haunted house, spooky, supernatural, or a homes tour! Click here for a handy fact sheet explaining the event in more detail.

While on your Ghostwalk tour, be sure to stop by the First Baptist Church and watch Fairfield Harbour residents, Benny Thompson and Gayle Albertini, in their skit about the Fatal Fall of Mr. Aurthur Church.

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