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  • Harvey Pye and Steve Mink

Fairfield Harbour Fishing Club December 07, 2022

Meeting notes

The December meeting held on Wednesday 07, 2022, at the FH Community Center was primarily a year-end Christmas celebration.

The various Club leaders presented the monthly financial accounts, and membership announced the new dues of $20.00 for the annual membership; starting January 2023, club logo vizors and mugs are available - awaiting new caps. No update from the webmaster.

● The Club will have the financial statements/accounts audited this year-end. A report will be given to members at the January 2023 meeting.

● From the floor, there was discussion, and after some debate, a motion was made and seconded for the Club to donate $250.00 to the West Craven High School Band that performed in the FH POA Christmas Parade. Member Gayle Albertini was given a check to pass to the WC High School Band group on behalf of the FH Fishing Club.

● Harvey announced this is his final meeting as Club coordinator. Steve Mink was introduced to head of the Club in 2023 - with the leadership team: Jim Spatharos, George Maravelas, Wayne Massetti, Art Thinguldstad, John McClain and Bob Bruggerworth, advisor/consigliere.

The evening to celebrate Christmas was conceived and managed by Jim Spatharos and Steve Mink - and their wives, Kathy S. and Paula M., creatively managed and supervised the decorations and food tables - members, wives, and partners added great food choices and an atmosphere of cheer and warmth to the evening. The program gift exchange was fun, as members swapped and scooped up gifts - several choice gifts moved from hand to hand - once it all settled, it was evident all enjoyed it.

Kudos to Jim and Steve, to the wives, Kathy and Paula, to the stewards Tim Welch and John Roy, and to members who helped decorate, arrange and clean up afterward.

It looks like it will be an annual event!

Harvey won the 50/50 raffle and donated the winnings to the Club's Wounded Active/Vet.

Service Personnel fund.

The next meeting is Wednesday, January 04, 2023, at 7 pm in the FH Community Center.

Harvey Pye - Coordinator FHFC 2022

Steve Mink - Coordinator FHFC 2023

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