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  • Carol L. Hampson

Tennis Club Clinic Review

The Fairfield Harbor Tennis Club sponsored a very successful clinic on April 27 at Red Sail Park Tennis Courts. Cal Kramer, a new resident and retired professional tennis coach, drilled and coached over twenty tennis players, including members and guests of the event.

After the two-hour clinic, attendees were treated to grilled hot dogs donated by Dave Kovacs, the husband of Pam, our current Tennis Club President. Club members provided condiments, chips, side dishes, and dessert.

The Tennis Club has racquets available for FH residents to use if the urge to “HIT SOME BALLS” strikes you. A hopper of gently used balls is also available.  Security can provide the code to enter the courts. You can add your name to our email list if you would like to sign up for our scheduled play times or just use the backboard for practice.

Contact names and numbers are listed in the FH Phone Directory. Come join our group!!

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