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Cozy Mysteries Are Here!

I was in Heaven today as I processed a bag full of cozy mysteries for the library. There were 8 different writers and several books in each series for each author.

  • Victoria Hamilton – Merry Muffin Mysteries (5 books)

  • She does, indeed bake muffins. She drinks tea and coffee on writing days, and wine other time.

  • Betty Hechtman – Crochet Mysteries (9 books)

  • Betty is famous for her Crochet Mysteries series and Yarn Retreat Mysteries series.

  • Jessica Beck – Donut Shop Mysteries (18 books)

  • Tim Myers is an American author who publishes under a number of pen names, including Jessica Beck.

  • Sally Goldbaum – Seaside Knitters Mysteries (4 books)

  • This series is set in coastal Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, where the knitters solve murder mysteries.

  • Amanda Lee – Embroidery Mysteries (4 books)

  • The main character is Marcy Singer who owns “Embroidery Shop” in Oregon.

  • Karen MacInernery – Gray Whale Mysteries (2 books)

  • She writes of folks who own a bed and breakfast in an island community off the coast of Maine.

  • Livia Washburn – Fresh Baked Mysteries (7 books, including 1 Large Print)

  • The main character is Phyllis Newsom is a baker and retired teacher living in Texas.

  • Janet Bolin – Threadville Mysteries (7 books, including 2 Large Print). She sets this series on Lake Erie, in Pennsylvania. The village is a place where people who enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts congregate.

Here are some photos of the assortment. There were also other stand-alone mysteries in that bag of books. Come in and grab a few novels and curl up and read! Thanks to whoever donated the books.

Georgie Jackson, Library Chair

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