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  • Ed Buglovsky

Country Cruise and Biscuit Bombs

On Saturday, the 21st of January, the FHSCC had an impromptu ride to the Farmer and the Dail in Snowhill, NC. I enjoyed this Southern Inspired, Grandma-approved kitchen and bakery. One of their specialties is the Biscuit Bomb, a gigantic biscuit filled with about a half pound of cheese and meat. It oozes butter and cheese oil and can be very messy to eat. I can't wait until next year when my doctor lets me go back for another. Everything they offer is excellent, and the pricing is very reasonable. If you are looking for a place to try, I recommend FATD.

Next, we stopped at the Nooherooka Natural Farm, which offers premium all-natural, pasture-raised beef and pork products. There are no added hormones or antibiotics in their meats. If natural meats are your thing, then check them out. It was a delightful place to visit. or look them up on Facebook. They are only open on Saturdays; call 252 747 5054 to see the specials. On our trip, the special was brisket at half price.

If you own a sports car and would like to join us for rides in NC, then contact:

Ed Buglovsky

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