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Conversation with Golfers Gary Bloomquist and Nancy Hamby

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

The conversation with Golfers for the September issue of The Beacon is with a wonderful, fun couple, Gary Bloomquist and Nancy Hamby.

Beacon: How long have you folks been in the Harbour and how did you find FFH?

Gary/Nancy: We moved here in September 2022 from Connecticut. We started exploring for a retirement home in 2020. We were actually staying in FFH when the pandemic struck and we cut our trip short to return to Connecticut. We were already hooked on Fairfield Harbour and New Bern. We loved the people here and the pace of life here.

Beacon: It shows how much you 2 love the Harbour, every time we run into each other you folks are having a blast doing something. How long have you been playing Golf?

Gary: Off and on for about 30 years. Looking forward to playing a lot more here!

Nancy: As far back as I can remember with some time off for raising a family in between.

Beacon: What other activities do you and Nancy enjoy besides Golf?

Gary/Nancy: Kids and Grandchildren, Cornhole, Swimming, Walking, dining out at any number of the great New Bern restaurants and we enjoy the Pointe right here in FFH.

Beacon: This one is for both of you. Which hole is your favorite at HPGC? Nancy? Gary?

Nancy: Mine is hole #3. It's a good hole and is beautiful.

Gary: Hole number 8, since I have figured out how to play it!

Beacon: Both are great holes, #3 is a great par 3 with a tough green and the par 4 8th gives you lots options on what club to hit off the Tee. For each of you. Who is in your dream foursome?

Gary: Arnold Palmer, John Daly, Nancy and myself.

Nancy: Same as Gary. Arnold, John Daly, Gary and myself.

Thank you both so much for spending time with us. This Community is better with people like you here.

New Fairfield Harbour residents and also new Harbour Pointe Golf Club Members Gary Bloomquist and Nancy Hamby.

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