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Fishing Club - How to Target Fish

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The FHFC August meeting was held Wednesday 3, August 2022. New members: Tony Muni, Gary Gunnett, Lainda Heydel, Kevin Heydel, Scott Kimball were all introduced. Welcome each of you to the FHFC.

  • The Bursar, George Maravales reported Club finances. Jim Spatharos reported membership. The Club continues to grow. Dues paying membership is now over 90 members of Fairfield Harbour residents and non FH residents.

  • Equipment leader Wayne Massetti reminded members that Bender Apparel on Old Airport Rd will do FHFC logo print and embroidery of your own garment. Hats, mugs and decals are available for sale, see Wayne.

  • Webmaster Art Thinguldstad nursing his broken arm, spoke about the September 14 red drum tourney signups; see Art to pay and sign up. The tournament will depart from Whittaker Pointe Marina at daybreak. Boats can be docked or stored on your trailer at WPM without charge. See the dockmaster and be sure to tell him you are with the FHFC and the tri-club drum tourney group.

The speaker for the meeting was Capt. Malcolm Quay – a noted local water fisherman, whose focus is “simple fishing,” especially around and under docks and other structures using his favorite backhand casting technique to accurately place his bait exactly where he thinks the fish are waiting – usually with success!

Capt. Malcolm is available for charter – however, until later in the year, he is limiting weekend day bookings.

Lee talked about his fishing techniques – where and how he targets fish, and he showed his “simple bottom rig” jig that he says usually hooks a fish. Capt. Malcolm gave a good talk with his tips that we found very useful.
  • The Red Drum tourney: scheduled September 14, is a joint event with fishermen and women from three clubs: the FHFC, The Lower Neuse Anglers (LNA) and the East Carolina Saltwater Fishing Club (ECSFC). The alternate date is September 20. See Art for boat space info, docking info and to sign up. Whittaker Pointe Marina is the venue, near Oriental. Check their website for more details, location etc.

  • The task force committee to explore initiatives that the Club can support, have had a strategy meeting. The initiatives that were frozen due to Covid are being reactivated. Logistics and costs have been updated, and will be considered once all the info has been collected.

  • Remember that the SEPTEMBER MEETING on Wednesday September 7 is at the RED SAIL PARK. Members, spouse, partner/ significant other, each get your $10.00 diner/raffle ticket by AUGUST 31 from Jim Spatharos or John McClain. No dinner tickets sold at the meeting.

Special thanks: Steve Mink and John Roy for volunteering as stewards while Tim Welch was away. Ken Collins and these two lads did an excellent job.

New member Tony Muni won the 50/05 and immediately donated it back to the Club – part to the WAVS (Wounded Active and Vet Servicemen/women), and part to the Club funds.

Good on you Tony, a fine example of what this Club stands for.

The next meeting is Wednesday September 7 at 4pm, RED SAIL PARK.

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