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Talking golf with C.A. Smith

Here is the Monthly conversation for The Beacon. This Month we spoke with longtime HPGC Member, FFH resident, and Harbour Pointe Men's Golf Association Leader and Competitor, C.A. Smith.

Beacon: How long have you been at the club?

C.A.: 25 years, I still love the game and enjoy getting out and playing Golf with the guys at Harbour Pointe.

Beacon: Which hole is your favorite at Harbour Pointe?

C.A.: My favorite hole is the 5th hole. It is a very difficult hole and I do not play it very well these days. It is still my favorite though!

Beacon: What is your career round at HPGC?

C.A.: Even par 72, probably 20 years ago. Back in those days, we played the white tees.

Beacon: Who introduced you to the great game of Golf, how old were you and where was this?

C.A.: My Dad, I was 5 years old, this was in my home state of Michigan. My Father sawed off a Mid Mashie for me, which would be the equivalent of a 5 iron nowadays. I was hooked on the game right away. When I was 11 years old, I started caddying 4 days a week. I would ride my bicycle 4.5 miles to the course at 7:30 am, play Golf, practice, and head home at 6 pm. We would play 36 holes, sometimes 45.

Beacon: We have heard you played in the 1961 United States Amateur which was won by a fellow from Ohio named Jack Nicklaus at the legendary club Pebble Beach. Obviously, you became a great player. Please tell us about that experience.

C.A.: Back in those days they would have Regional Qualifying, 100 players for 2 spots at Pebble. I qualified for the U.S. Am. at Pebble Beach. They played 2 rounds of stroke play and the top 64 would go into Match Play. I qualified for Match Play and won my first 2 Matches and lost in the 3rd round. Jack dominated and won his 2nd US Am. It was a great experience, I stayed, with friends of mine l from Michigan State University and got to play Cypress Point.

Beacon: You also competed against Nicklaus in College too. Please share with us some of those stories.

C.A.: Yes, I did. He was at Ohio State, I was at Michigan State. In my Junior year, Jack was a sophomore. In the Big Ten Championship, I finished 3rd, Jack finished 2nd. A young man from Purdue won it that year for the 3rd year in a row and quit Golf and went to Med School. In my Senior year, Nicklaus won the Big Ten Championship, and I finished 5th. Fantastic memories!

Beacon: One more question. Who is in your dream foursome?

C.A.: Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, and Myself.

Beacon: C.A., thank you so much for spending time with us today. Also, thanks for your commitment and dedication to Harbour Pointe Golf Club, the MGA, and the Fairfield Harbour Community for the last 25 years. I have had the privilege of playing Golf with you on several occasions and loved hearing your story and your lifelong passion for the game. Thanks again.

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1 Comment

Rick Topper
Rick Topper
Dec 02, 2022

Great story on C.A. Smith! He's is one of the nicest men I've met and he is still an amazing, competitive golfer!

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