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Pickleball Club Honors Fallen Friend

Ed White, a beloved Fairfield Harbour Pickleball Club member, passed away on May 8 after collapsing on the pickleball courts. Players worked feverishly to administer CPR, talk to Ed, and encourage him to stay with them in an effort to save his life while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The FH Pickleball Club held a Celebration of Life for Ed which was held on Monday, May 20, at the pickleball courts. Gathered in the parking area in a large circle, all in attendance were able to hear from Eileen Buscemi, Ed's very good friend, who shared experiences and stories about Ed. The "floor" was then opened up for anyone present to share their favorite stories or messages about Ed. Matt Esmacher then led the group in prayer.

Eileen Buscemi

After the remarks and prayer, the players gathered in the court area to share in food, remembrances, and one of Ed's favorite things to do--playing pickleball.

With a heavy heart, we move forward with Ed gone from our midst, but we will never forget his servant's heart, his infectious smile, and his treasured friendship.

L to R: Ed White, Rick Finlayson, Ken Pett, Mary Swann

Eddie's pickleball family members have created a memorial at the courts to honor him. A plaque hangs above the memorial bench for Eileen's husband, Carmine, who befriended Eddie and introduced him to pickleball.

Be an Eddie.

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