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Pamlico Plantation yacht club cruise-In

It was a fun gathering at Red Sail Park between members of FHYC and Pamlico Plantation Yacht Club.

On several occasions, the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club has visited Pamlico Plantation and received the hospitality of Pamlico Plantation Yacht Club (PPYC) at the marina and in the clubhouse. Pamlico Plantation is a residential real estate development on the north side of the Pamlico River, on another Broad Creek. It is positioned between Washington and Bath.

FHYC members welcome members of Pamlico Plantation Yacht Club_

It was a great pleasure to learn that six boats from Pamlico Plantation would cruise south to visit Fairfield Harbour. Their route took them to Campbell Creek, then down the Intracoastal Waterway and around Maw Point to Oriental, before the boats reached Fairfield Harbour in the early afternoon on Monday, September 26.

Ritchie and Julia Thomson arranged for five slips on Northwest Creek and one in the Inner Harbour to house our visitors overnight. FHYC hosted a pizza party for the 16 visiting boaters at Red Sail Park. The party was organized by the Thomsons, Chris Skrotsky, and Mark and Mariam Johnson. Commodore Barb Robinson provided the official welcome from FHYC, with PPYC Commodore Jerry Burroughs responding in kind. Many members of our club were on hand to enjoy meeting our guests and to thank them for their previous hospitality. The cruisers departed toward Pamlico River on Tuesday morning, with plans to overnight at River Dunes.

It is indeed a small world. PPYC Commodore Jerry Burroughs is a retired US Navy Admiral who served in the submarine force. Years ago, when Admiral Burroughs was a Junior Officer, he served aboard the ballistic submarine USS Nathan Hale, (SSBN-623). During his tour of duty, the Nathan Hale was commanded by Captain Norman Marks, who is a US Naval Academy 1967 classmate and 34th company-mate, and close friend of Rob Skrotsky.

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