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Men's Golf - 2022-HARBOUR CUP/STATracker

The HPGC is in Fantastic condition. The greens are smooth and fast, Fairways are great and the Bunkers are groomed nicely. Also, the MGA plays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and we always encourage new Members to join the MGA.

The 2022 race for the HARBOUR CUP, completed its 30th week of play.

With 5 weeks and 15 rounds to go in the season, here are some notable Week-30 highlights…

Back in March, when the STATracker season began, this publication identified STAN KOONCE as this season’s “dark horse” in the competition for one of two STATracker crowns, either the Harbour Cup or the Tournaments Champion. Although only two rounds were played in week-30, one of the rounds was the MGA Ryder Cup tourney. Koonce snagged 25 points in Wednesday’s round with a holeout and a sandy. With standings leader Mark Carmichael not playing, Koonce has now clawed his way to within 26 points of the lead in the Tounaments standings. Only two more MGA tournaments remain to be played before the season ends… and the next tourney is the MAGNUM-44 shootout, where players will have to play with only 4 clubs. We may have an opportunity to witness 2 of the club’s top players, go down to the wire, for this first time trophy.

Koonce ended up with 40 points for the week. He has been battling a hand injury for much of the season.

Elsewhere, first year player DENNY AULTMAN had the main boilers at full steam ahead as he scored 2 birdies on Wednesday and 2 holeouts on Friday for a total of 36 points for the week, a personal best for the pro-fisherman.

AND…speaking of holeouts… Friday was a holeout festival! In addition to Aultman’s double holeout round, both RICK TOPPER and TOM CARUSO had double holeout rounds. However, both Topper and Caruso scored their holeouts back-to-back. Topper got his on #6 and #7, Caruso got his on #14 and #15. Topper had 32 points for the week while Caruso had 33. Caruso, after a summer-long slump, has climbed into the top 10 at the #9 spot. Let’s see if he can hold on to it.

KEN PLANTIN returned to the lineup this past week. The Vermonter had a birdie and got his first holeout of the season during Friday’s holeout-fest. KEITH SWAN bagged his 12th holeout of the season on Friday as well.

Also scoring 33 points for the week, was this season’s MGA champion, SEAN MULHALL. Sean had a CTP, 2 sandies and a 3rd place team finish.

BOB GILLHAM, playing only in Friday’s round snared 3 birdies, a sandy and a 3rd place team finish for a 20 point week. Getting back to “dark-horses,” PAUL CORMIER, who had 20 points for his week-30, is the one to keep a wary eye on, come the STATracker Playoffs round on November 2nd. Cormier has played in one third less rounds, due to his slow start to the season, yet has enjoyed a lofty perch for most of the season in the Combined standings. Check your rearview mirrors come November 2nd.

…Coming up this week…

Bald Eagles will play ONLY on Friday, 9/30… (NO game on Monday 9/26)

The MGA hosts a playdate with an individual net format.

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