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FHYC Sailors Where Are You?

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Last year in the Halloween Race sponsored by NYRA, the Rampant Lion won her Navigator Class – an old Tartan 37 with an “experienced” crew. She was the only boat from FHYC.

Fast forward to this year. This year, the Lion was unable to compete, BUT Georgie Girl(GG), a nearly 50-year-old Tartan 34 from FHYC, went out. John Jackson, Captain, Russ Robinson at the helm, Dan Baker, Ritchie Thomson and Mark McSalyer, and Kathy (first time on a sailboat for Kathy) went out in light winds. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water, and the conditions improved for Georgie Girl as the race continued.

There were different classes of boats with Georgie Girl in the Navigator's class – boats that sail on a longer course. The Navigator Class had seven entrants. Georgie Girl came in second, behind Scott Huddle's 'Methuselah', by about 1 1/2 minutes corrected time. The third-place boat was over 14 minutes behind her! The remainder of the fleet was about ½ hour behind the winner on corrected time. The Captain and crew of GG are already working on improving for the next race.

Below are the stats from the various classes. Under the Navigator Class, I have highlighted Georgie Girl. She was the only boat from FHYC. They would love to have FHYC company out there in the next six races of the NYRA Winter Series.

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