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  • Barb Robinson

FHYC Clothing and Food Drives


This has been a very busy Fall season for FHYC and FH. 

In October we held the RCS Clothing Drive and filled up ¾ of one truck and ½ of the second truck.

At the end of November and the first 2 days of December FHYC held it's Past Commodore Food Drive.  Although there were other organizations collecting food for RCS, FHYC still managed to donate over 600 pounds of food and $3,010.00 for their food bank.  

A big THANK YOU to the volunteers who helped with the food sorting and boxing of the food and clothing!

These two events bring out the best of our community.

For anyone who missed the Food Drive you can still make monetary donations.  Make your check out to RCS and note that it is for the FHYC Food drive.  That ensures that the money will go to the pantry.

Once again thank you to the volunteers and to all of you who donated to these two events.

Happy New Year!

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