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February Board Project Updates

Updated: Feb 26

2024 Budget meeting: The 2024 FH Budget meeting was held on January 23, 7 pm at the Community Center. Thank you to all who came out for the Budget Meeting. We were able to accommodate 170 people with standing room only. For the first time this year, we were able to have a live stream on YouTube so that everyone could watch from home. It was great to have so much participation from the residents. Approximately 327 viewers watched the presentation live, and almost 1400 viewers watched the meeting last week. Click this link to view the recorded video here.

Harbour Club: Over the last month, the Committee has narrowed its focus to only three eligible contractors that meet our requirements and can complete the project within budget.

Now that the annual budget is completed and the over-55 community is no longer a viable project, The Board can now focus sooner with our banking representatives to move forward with the funding aspect of this great project.

Birdland Marina: Birdland Marina rebuild is moving along nicely. After receiving bids from several contractors, seeing examples of their past work, and considering pricing, work quality, and availability, FH selected Riverfront Docks & Seawalls, a contractor specializing in heavily-constructed docks using concrete “hog slat” decking. The concrete decking will be higher above the water than the old dock, keeping them "dry" during "routine" storms. This increased height and dry decking will also make boarding/securing your vessel easier & safer in adverse conditions. See the full article for more detailed information.

Fiber Work Starting:  You may have seen the "locate flags" start to be placed this week near the HP gate area. The POA office surrounding the area of Shipyard Point is the first location to see the start of the fiber project. Crews from Encompass will be working, so please be aware and careful near the work areas. We will update you with the latest locations as we become aware. For more information on FHN, click here.

Billboard on Highway 55 and Broad Creek Road: Construction for the billboard is almost complete - the drone shot of Harbour Point Golf Club Hole #17 is up and looks stunning. The FH Maintenance Department is installing the electrical for the digital sign and night lighting. The large poles will be painted with a rust-proof product, and our vendor partner will frame the billboard. The billboard will advertise Harbour Pointe Golf Club (HPGC) and The Pointe Restaurant. Harbour Pointe Golf Club has a new, shorter, and easier URL to remember –

Fairfield Harbour Marketing: Ads for HPGC were placed in the County Compass, Taberna Community newsletter, Greenbriar newsletter, and New Bern Magazine. The advertising focused on the membership drive and reciprocal play. HPGC had six reciprocal rounds ($212.22) and 33 guest rounds ($1,188.) Historically, January and February are our slowest months of the year. We've recorded 26 new golfers this month, with Facebook and Golf Moose (third-party dealer) listed as the sources.

New FHPOA Platform: is getting a new look. AppFolio is currently the platform for paying dues online, and we use Front Steps to house our documents. All our documents and communications will now migrate to one platform - AppFolio. It is a user-friendly platform and will streamline and simplify the resident experience and upgrade our online payment portals. Our critical documents will be on the home page as you scroll through. AppFolio enables the POA staff to send vital information and tools directly and promptly to the residents. It will be user-friendly on laptop, tablet, and mobile formats. Stay tuned for when it is ready to go live.

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