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  • Phil Hewett and Gayle Albertini

Are you tired of Optimum? Ready for an alternative? Coming soon - Fairfield Harbour Network (FHN)

Fairfield Harbour understands that having a reliable internet service is more than convenience — it’s an essential feature in today’s world. The right internet provider turns houses into smart homes and neighborhoods into connected communities. Fiber optic networks bring the future of connected living right into your home with internet, streaming, cable, and phone services.

As Fairfield Harbour residents, you soon will have an option to Optimum. You can keep your current internet provider if you want – no problem. But communities, cities, hotels, and businesses around the U.S. are rethinking the big business internet provider and are installing their own fiber network. These alternative providers offer better customer service with the same features at lower prices.

Fairfield Harbour has contracted with American Fiber Infrastructure and Hosted America to provide the next level of fiber optic internet in Fairfield Harbour. Hosted America is based out of Raleigh and has installed fiber optics networks in 42 states and notable communities in our area, such as Rocky Mount Mill – a 200-plus acre planned community and Bright's Creek – a 5000-acre planned community, as well as hotels, condominiums, and businesses.

Our fiber optic network will consist of nine zones or phases in our community. Before the drilling can start, two preliminary steps must be taken:

Step #1: Provide a secure location for the fiber installation equipment, such as drills, cables, and components. This designated area will consist of storage, a staging zone, a delivery site, and a location for a construction trailer. The entire area will be fenced in for added protection. The parcels behind the community center were selected and cleared for their arrival.

Step # 2: Provide a network center that contains the brains of the operation. A space on campus that has both a dedicated climate control zone and power with a generator backup in case of power failure.

We are happy to announce both preliminary steps are scheduled for completion before Thanksgiving. As zones come online, the rollout of services will happen for those individual streets. The fiber installation is projected to take 18 months to complete.

Stay tuned for more information as we move forward on the exciting new project.

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