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  • Barb Robinson

Cinco De Mayo '23

The Fairfield Yacht Club held its second annual Cinco de Mayo festival at Red Sail Park on May 5, 2023. Over 50 members and guests attended and enjoyed various delicious Mexican and non-Mexican food, including tacos, enchiladas, chili rellenos, salsa, and tres leches cake. Margaritas were the favored drink of the day, and Pablo the Pinata was ‘opened’ in the traditional fashion. The weather was pleasant, and the company was delightful. Attendees were ‘Muy Agredicio' of the atmosphere created by the Entertainment Committee, and all had a wonderful time. ‘Muchas Gracias’ to Shannon Taylor (who headed up this event), Anita English, Antonella Tripiciano, Brenda Singh, Kathy Sansone, Jeff Taylor, Marcello Alvarado, and Craig Myler for all their hard work. Congratulations to Renate Zeppenfeld for breaking the piñata and winning the candy. ‘Hasta luego

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