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Bill Jarvis Is Honored

Saturday, October 1st, was a special day in Fairfield Harbour. The Neuse River Regatta and Dinner was held to honor long time sailor, racer, and Professional Race Officer Bill Jarvis. Unfortunately, the race had to be canceled due to Hurricane Ian slipping past us, but the dinner continued on schedule. I am told Bill knew he was getting an award, but he thought several others also were being honored – no, just you, Bill!

The Neuse River Regatta steering committee is made up of 2-3 members from all 3 yacht clubs in the Fairfield Harbour area: Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club (FHYC), Blackbeard Sailing Club (BSC), and Neuse Yacht Racing Association (NYRA). This was our first such regatta and honoree dinner. Along with members from these clubs, we also invited folks from Oriental Dinghy Club (ODC) since Bill had worked with them occasionally.

After the dinner, emcee John Jackson showed a poster board covered with photos of Bill from his early racing days to now (what a fine looking young man you were, Bill!). Then John read from the framed proclamation of Bill’s accomplishments in sailing, water safety, and boating education. Following that, FHYC Commodore Barb Robinson presented Bill with a fancy cut glass decanter. Finally several folks came up to the mike to tell their stories about Bill – his help, his humor, and his insistence of knowing the rules.

A surprise gift was also given to Olwen – a bouquet of flowers to thank her for 61 years of love, support, and encouragement of Bill and his endeavors.

Much thanks goes to Blackbeard Sailing Club for the use of their clubhouse and kitchen facilities. NYRA gave much support and man/woman power. Barb Robinson and her FHYC team pulled it all together. Smithfield did a magnificent job of providing fried chicken, BBQ pork, hush puppies, cole slaw, and iced tea. And of course a BIG thank you to the clean-up committee.

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