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Anchoring Seminar - FHYC February Education

This month's educational seminar was "Secure Anchoring," taught by an exceptionally experienced cruising mariner, Mark Johnson. Mark didn't dwell on anchoring basics but gave us an entertaining and practical look at anchoring that only a lifetime of experience can provide. As Mark pointed out, anchoring is not just about throwing an anchor over the side.

You have to know the correct anchor for your craft, the bottom conditions (sand, rock, or something in between), weather conditions, and the types of materials for repair lines and chain.

He also recommends "viewing" your anchor to ensure it's holding. If you can't get in the water to look, he suggested using a bucket with the bottom cut out and fastened with clear plastic, like a glass bottom boat, that you can put into the water to look at your anchor. He also discussed the various areas he and Miriam have sailed and anchored and some lessons he learned. If you have any questions about anchoring, ask Mark.

If you missed it, you missed out! Thank you, Mark, and well done!

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2023

I regret we were not in town for the Anchoring seminar!

By any chance, is there a recording of the presentation?

Tom Richards

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