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"Who Murthered the Pinkerton Man?"

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Due to an actor's illness, the play was canceled on Tuesday, March 28. If you made reservations for that night and want to see the show on Monday, April 3, please call 252-385-5225 for new reservations.

N.C. History Theater Comic Murder Mystery on the Road

The North Carolina History theater's next comic murder takes you back to the charming days of the Civil War, where you're invited to help solve a murder… and guess the clues on a treasure map!

A Pinkerton man was slain in his carriage in the occupied town of New Bern in 1864, and a curious group of six suspects is caught trying to figure out who shot the man—and solve the clues to a mysterious treasure map. With lively dialogue, plot twists, and comic confrontations, this show is for everyone!

The next performance is Monday, April 3. For reservations, call 252-385-5225. The show and dinner are all-inclusive for $40 and include Tuscan Cream Chicken, dessert, soft drink, tax, and gratuity.

Audiences will meet Mervin McVale and his Little Women – a father, mother, and daughter who travel the country performing some (just between us) horrible Shakespeare where ever they go. Then there's crazy, malaprop-ridden Captain Stacey of the U.S. Army and his more level-headed sergeant's bride. They were escorting the Pinkerton man and a southern spy named Jane Dade, whose ability to escape rivals Houdini. And, of course, as the play unfolds, we find these six characters have an awful lot in common with that mysterious map of treasure hidden by them or their relatives back in the Mexican-American War.

Kay O'Donahue and Stephen Elliot face off in "Who Murthered the Pinkerton Man?"

Guests get to peruse the map and its clues to see if they can break the code while, of course, the characters visit their tables between scenes to answer questions and discuss the crime.

The North Carolina History Theater is dedicated to expressing and exploring the unique history of North Carolina through the performing arts and celebrating the rich diversity of our state in all forms of artistic expression. Our productions reflect history, entertain, and educate.

For more information, call 252-229-4977 or go to or

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