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Water Aerobics is a Great Exercise for All

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

We all know how important exercise is in maintaining our physical and mental health. When exercise is done in a group, you add the additional benefit of social interaction. There are several groups in Fairfield Harbour that provide socially based exercise, including golf leagues, yoga, chair exercise, pickleball, tennis, and Zumba, to name a few. If you really want to get started, you don’t have to look farther than our own neighborhood. One great option here is water aerobics.

Broad Creek Recreation Center offers water aerobics classes five days a week all year long, with classes at 9 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and stretch and tone classes at 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday. However, beginning in September all classes will begin at 9 am in order to be consistent. There are also classes at 6:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Residents must be a member of the Rec Center in order to participate.

Participants include both women and men of all ages. There are specific benefits of water aerobics for seniors, including (1) reducing arthritis and joint pain, (2) increasing flexibility and balance, (3) decreasing bone and muscle loss, (4) improving cardio fitness, and (5) building strength. Moving in the water is easier on your body, allowing you to do exercises you would not be able to do on land. The water provides extra resistance, making the exercises even more effective. It is not only good for your body but is also a lot of fun. Participation in the water aerobics classes is also an excellent way to meet new friends. Participants meet for lunch each month to get to know each other even better –and to see what we look like with clothes and makeup and our hair done!

Classes meet in the outdoor pool as long as the weather cooperates and participants often hang out after class to enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie. Once the pool water gets too chilly, we move inside and the social interaction continues after class in the hot tub or sauna. When you become a member, there is no registration and the classes are free. You may attend as many or as few classes a week as you choose. Hope to see you in water aerobics real soon!

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