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Tom Graves, the accomplished marine artist.

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Did you know? A new Fairfield Harbor Yacht Club member, Tom Graves, is an accomplished marine artist.

For as long as Tom can remember, he has always been interested in sailboats. As a youngster at Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara, CA, he sailed from a small wooden boat on a local tidal pond to his current boat, a J/37C that he cruised and raced on Long Island Sound and will soon have with him on the Neuse.

He always tries to capture the dynamic tension among the subject, sky, and water in his work. It can be a spectacular sunset or a boat powering through a big wave. His work is very detailed but executed in a painterly style, ensuring every cleat, line, deck hardware, sail material (Kevlar, Carbon, or Dacron), the kind (manufacturer/model) of the boat, and all of its detail is as accurately depicted as possible. Whether doing a commission or something for himself, every bit MUST be spot on. He wants the viewer to look at the work, marvel at the drama, and appreciate the detail, noting that every attribute is perfectly represented.

Tom's artwork looks like a photograph brought to life, encompassing subjects from boats racing to a windblown dory on the beach. He shows boats heeling to the power of the wind, the crew engaged and making the boat go. He captures the energy on deck and in the water, showing the boats digging into waves, separating the water, and leaving a great wake.

Tom's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the country and graces many homes' walls. Notable collectors include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Judge Judy.
As a recent resident of Fairfield Harbour, Tom is exploring opportunities in the New Bern area.

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