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  • Anne Griffith

Time to Do Something for Yourself

Make this new year's resolution to learn T'ai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises. Beginning

classes for new Tai Chi group members will start on Thursday, January 25. Tai Chi meets from 8:40-9:40 each Thursday morning in Fairfield Harbour's Community Center. The hour-long sessions begin with Qigong exercises followed by the practice of Tai Chi. Our practice is based on the T'ai Chi Ch'uan Yang long form.

The aim of our practice of Tai Chi and qigong is health and wellness, not martial arts. Each is a

slow, low impact exercise concentrating on developing flexibility, balance, breath control, focus, and memory.

All are welcome. No special equipment is needed, though you may want to wear loose or flexible clothing and soft-soled shoes. Any questions, email or call Anne Griffith at 607-435-7965

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