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  • Paula Zimmerman

The Benefits of Walking Part II

We have a bluebird box on a tree in our front yard because Willie and Rocky's moms gave my partner one for Christmas. It sat on the coffee table for a bit, and that's as long as I could abide it. It wasn't neglected, and it was just that my partner had to think things out. Once that process is finished, he tends to move like, in his words, "he's killin' snakes ." Things happen.

For example, we moved here in mid-summer 2020. There were thousands and thousands of boxes in our house, big boxes everywhere. I was disabled by the heat and humidity and stumbled through the tiny alleys we made through the boxes. After about five days and several hours of thinking, he insisted I get dressed and participate in our relocation to Fairfield Harbour. We made more extensive alleys between us, me thinking and him manhandling boxes. The pace was killin' snakes, and finally, we settled in.

One day as we were driving up Royal Pines, I casually asked what, if anything, we were supposed to do with the thousands of pine cones in our yard. I donated them to the FH Garden Club the first fall for use in the annual peanut butter bird feeder project. We had the right size cones. A wonderful woman came to our yard and plucked those buggers off the ground. I say plucked because she had a long-handled plucker that worked wonderfully. The following fall, my partner gave me my plucker that matched his. He's gone after those pine cones like killin' snakes ever since. We have the most plucked yard in FH.

I'm leading up to or going back to the bird box. Rocky and Willie's moms told my partner about food that entices bluebirds. My partner thought and thought; a month after Christmas, he bought supplies. We now have a shepherd's hook hanging a spiffy bird feeder. It has attracted countless bluebirds who don't like the occasional woodpecker that shows up. Our yard has genuinely talented squirrels that can climb a shepherd's hook without falling off. We've found that they leave squirrel fur on the pole after it is coated with grease. Amazon delivered an anti-squirrel pole shield that defeated the climbing invaders.

Oh! I forgot to mention the suet. Our yard is the gourmet site for bird yummies. My partner has developed an exciting vocabulary concerning the ever-disappearing suet. Since he's only allowed three of a certain word in a day, between the pine cones and the feeder challenge, he's frequently exceeded his limit by 10:00 a.m. several days.

Walking certainly has many, many benefits.

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