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Talking golf with Trent Casey

Trent Casey

This month, we are talking with Harbour Pointe Golf Club Golf Department employee Trent Casey. Trent is a part-time employee who does a great job in the Golf shop. He is very kind, polite, always smiling, and eager to help in any way he can. We are so lucky to have Trent on the team.

Beacon: How long have you been working at Harbour Pointe?

Trent: I've been here for eight months. I enjoy meeting new people and have met many great people here.

Beacon: What do you like about your position at the Club?

Trent: I love the game, interacting with the members, and have built very friendly relationships with them, and the challenge of remembering their names.

Beacon: Which hole is your favorite at Harbour Pointe?

Trent: My favorite hole at HPGC is the par 5 7th hole. I made an eagle there recently.

Beacon: That's great! I've seen your golf swing; it is powerful and fluid. I'm sure you will make many more eagles at Harbour Pointe and other courses too. Please tell us more about working at the Club.

Trent: It's fun! I have a great group of co-workers, and we work well together.

Beacon: We have heard that you were a gifted athlete growing up. What other sports did you play, and how do those sports compare to golf?

Trent: I played pitcher in baseball and quarterback in football. Golf is more of a mental test.

Beacon: Wow! You played the most critical positions in both sports. Excellent point. You make a perfect point about golf being a mental test. What other hobbies do you have besides golf?

Trent: I like fishing, surfing, bird hunting, and all outdoor activities.

Beacon: We know you are currently a student. Where and what are you studying?

Trent: I am at Craven Community College and studying Computer Integrated Machining. I hope to get a federal position at Cherry Pointe related to computers.

Tanner and Trent Casey

Beacon: Fantastic! You had a family bragging rights match at Harbour Pointe with your brother Tanner. How did that go?

Trent: We played a 9-hole match play game. Tanner beat me 2&1. I shot a 41; he just played a little bit better. It was fun, though.

Beacon: Thanks for spending time with us today. It was our pleasure.

Trent, You are a tremendous asset to HPGC, and your future is very bright. Thank you!

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