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Talking golf with Tom Caruso - Men's Golf Association Tournament Chairmen

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Boomerang plays at The Pointe Restaurant on the first Thursday of the month. Tom Caruso, far right, is Harbour Pointe Golf Club member and Men's Golf Association Tournament Chairmen

Tom has been a Harbour Pointe Golf Club member since 2018 and is also on the MGA Board of Directors. Tom does a fabulous job running 18 Tournaments a year for the MGA.

Tom was born in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island when he was ten years old. He was a Special Education Teacher for many years working with handicapped children.

Beacon: Thanks for your time today. How and when did you get started in the game?

T.C.: I got my start in the game when my neighbor asked me to join him for a round of golf. It was 1988, and I was hooked immediately. I started playing at Sunken Meadow State Park GC, a sister course to Bethpage Golf Club that has hosted the U.S. Open.

Beacon: Which hole is your favorite at Harbour Pointe Golf Club?

T.C.: My favorite is the par 3 11th hole. It's a demanding Tee shot with water in play, and you must carry the Bunker front left of the green. Another great one is the view on 17!

Beacon: It is a great hole, 3 is a perfect score there, and we don't see many deuces on that Par 3. I agree. Terrific view on 17. Who is in your dream foursome?

T.C.: Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Freddie Couples, and myself.

Beacon: That is a great group, all legends. Please tell us about the STATracker points you compile weekly for the MGA.

T.C.: STATracker is something I came up with a couple of years ago. Points are accumulated for top finishes in the team and individual events. We also keep track of Hole-in-one, eagles, birdies, sandies, hole outs, and closest to the Pin. It's fun and gives the players many different ways to earn points.

Beacon: Wow! That sounds like a lot of work. We are so fortunate to have you run these events. Please tell us about your proudest MGA memory.

T.C.: It was last November in our season finale. All the players were hanging around the 18th green watching the last groups finish. It's a great group of guys.

Beacon: Please tell us about the recent game at HPGC, switching partners every 6 holes, and you ran the table on Topper, Carmichael, and Cormier.

T.C.: I had good teammates, and my game came around at the right time.

Beacon: You were a good teammate! A clean sweep! Let's shift gears and talk about your band, Boomerang. We know that the Pointe is packed whenever you folks play there. Who came up with the cool name? How often do you play at the Pointe?

Tom and Jerilyn Caruso
T.C.: My wife and Boomerang Business Manager, Jerilyn, came up with the name. We played at the Pointe for 2 years on the 1st Thursday of the Month. Mike, Epy, Jerilyn, and I enjoy promoting the Pointe and Fairfield Harbour. We are privileged to play here in front of so many great friends we have made here.

Beacon: Fairfield Harbour loves having Boomerang at the Pointe, and BoomerMania is well known in the Harbour and downtown New Bern too. So...we have played golf together a few times, and you are an N.Y. sports fan, and I'm a Boston sports guy. We have talked about those Rivalries. Who are your favorite Boston sports figures?

TC: I admired Carl Yastrzemski, Phil Esposito and John Havlicek. They were all stalwarts on their team. I couldn't believe it when Esposito got traded to the N.Y. Rangers!

Boomerang Band. Left to right: Mike Flynn, electric guitar and vocals, Epy Savino, lead guitar, lead vocals, Tom Caruso, music director, guitar, vocals.

Beacon: All 3 were great leaders and Hall Of Famers. My favorite N.Y. athletes were Willis Reed, Joe Willie Namath, and Reggie!

Tom, thank you for spending time with us today and for all your great work with the HPGC Men's Golf Association and the Pointe.

The Harbour Pointe Golf Club Men's Golf Association plays Golf on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and welcomes new Members.
For MGA Membership information, please contact Dave Lange at 616-706-9007.

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