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Talking Golf with Jim Rosania

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The Beacon MGA conversation for April is with Jim Rosania. Jim has been a resident of Fairfield Harbour and a Member of Harbour Pointe Golf Club since 2006. Jim is a former POA Board Member and was an employee at HPGC for many years, working in the Golf Shop. Jim served as a volunteer on the Broad Creek Road crew. He is a terrific competitor who maintains a 16.9 Handicap Index with a home course Handicap of 10.

Beacon: Jim, thanks for being with us today. You are a gentleman and one of the most popular players in MGA. How did you get introduced to this great game, and how long have you been playing? Jim: Myself and a couple of buddies started whacking Golf balls around the Cow fields when we were about 10 years old. We had to keep from hitting the Cows out there. It was a lot of fun. I been playing Golf for over 70 years. Beacon: Please tell us about your early memories on the Golf course. Jim: I Caddied at a Private club in New Jersey called Raritan Valley CC for 4 Summers. Back in those days, I would get $3.00 a bag for 18 holes, and I would carry 2 bags. Most of the Members would tip the Caddies $1.00.

Beacon: Sounds like a great way to spend your Summer vacation and earn a few bucks too. You have one of the coolest Golf swings at the Club. I love the way you waggle the club. Your tempo is fluid. Please tell us about your game and which hole is your favorite at HPGC. Jim: I try not to think about it too much. Loose hands and smooth tempo. I visualize the shot and hit it. I played lots of other sports, and I think that has helped me in Golf. My favorite hole is the par 4 8th hole. It's a dogleg left that sets up nicely for my draw into the fairway and leaves a short iron approach. Beacon: It is fun watching you play Golf. Tell us about that Driver off the fairway shot you use at HPGC. What holes do you hit Driver off the fairway? Jim: Driver off the deck. I use it mostly on the Par 5s. Once in a while I will use it on some of the Par 4s, like the 10th hole especially to a back pin location. I can run one back there and it is a pretty safe shot for me. Beacon: From what we have seen, you have that shot mastered. Who is in your dream foursome? Jim: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player and myself. The big 3. If I could make it a fivesome I throw Lee Trevino in there for few laughs. Beacon: Legendary group. Please tell us your favorite memory of playing in MGA events over the years and what is your lowest round at HPGC? Jim: I like the comraderie and sitting around after Golf, having a beer and hearing all the stories. I also enjoy meeting new people. I have played with new Member Dave Seyerle and he is from near where I grew up in NJ..He and I have made a nice connection. My lowest round at HPGC is 72, even par about 4 years ago. Beacon: Jim, one more question. I know it is a lot...How many times has your Golf score been your age or lower? Jim: Oh. I don't know. Just last year I shot my probably 15 times. Beacon: Amazing. Jim, thanks so much for spending time with us today. Jim: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

For Membership information on the Men's Golf Association at HPGC please contact Dave Lange at 616-706-9007.
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