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  • Jan Reitzel and Elaine Berberich

Swimnastics Group returns to the FH Christmas Parade in high style

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

(Editorial note: The Fairfield Harbour Parade was an excellent introduction to the holiday season. There were 42 entries, all involved time and energy to make this a great event. The following article is about how the Swimnastics group got ready for the parade.)

Shortly after the Swimnastics Group had its Halloween Costume Contest, the group started asking about participation in the Christmas parade. The group used to participate regularly but had not for some time. After seeing renewed interest, Jan Reitzel developed a plan. Enthusiastic Swimnastics members joined her and came up with more ideas. Since the parade is in December and the weather can be unpredictable, wearing swimsuits was not an option. The plan called for participants to wear warm outer garments of black clothing. Then the group accessorized with summer pool hats, sunglasses, and towels.

To add excitement, the lively group added pool noodles decorated with battery-operated lights & bells! Members decided to drive home the Swimnatics theme by wearing swimsuits over warm clothing.

The Swimnastics members marched in the parade and did a few exercises with noodles. Those unable to walk the parade could ride in a golf cart and throw candy out to the onlookers. Janet Hikes made the parade reservation and obtained battery-operated lights to decorate the noodles, and Shelley Townley acquired jingle bells. Jan Reitzel used her crafting skills gained as a teacher to design the banner. The day of the parade, December 4, was a beautiful calm day, and 16 enthusiastic class members marched, rode, and threw candy behind the Swimnastics banner.

The next day instructor Ginny Bachand commented on the hard work and enthusiasm that went into planning a successful parade performance. The parade enthusiasm shows the fun and energy daily at the Broad Creek Recreation Center during Swimnastics class.

Swimnastics meets regularly at 9 am Monday thru Friday and welcomes new members for exercise, music, and fun.

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