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Spring Busted Out All Over with Fairfield Harbour Chorus!

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Fairfield Harbour Chorus performed its 37th annual Spring Concert on May 12 and 15 at the community center. What a delight to hear these uplifting and inspirational songs in blissful harmony! Directed by Terry Knickerbocker and accompanied by Sydney Bell, the show opened with “Another Op’nin, Another Show," with the words tweaked a bit to arouse the Harbour audience. The songs ranged from tunes in the Sweeney Todd musical to Andrew Lloyd Webber's medley. "Look to the Rainbow" was performed by soloists Andi Oster and Jim Curry. The songs performed were classics: "Do You Know the Way to San Jose" by Bert Bacharach and made famous by Dionne Warwick, "What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line, and more.

The Fairfield Harbour Chorus always goes above and beyond, as demonstrated by the theatrical performance during Andrew Lloyd Webber's medley with the iconic red rose scene performed by Chris Jewel and George Leslie.

When the chorus presented Oklahoma – all the singers donned sporty western hats to add to the enjoyment.

It is said, "Only in America." Still, I say, "Only in Fairfield Harbour" because when Terry Knickerbocker closed the show with a patriotic medley, the chorus waved American flags from Arlington Cemetery. The audience stood and sang their hearts out! "Only in Fairfield" will you see that level of appreciation for the chorus, America, and the lifestyle we enjoy.

Thank you, Terry Knickerbocker and the Fairfield Harbour Chorus, for your dedication to outstanding concerts.

The Fairfield Harbour Chorus depends solely on membership dues and donations to cover the cost of its music and performances. Please consider donating to this organization.

To join the chorus, email Terry Knickerbocker at or call (252)649-1494

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